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Assembly Assistance Web Site


Assembly Assistance

Your here because you've had some problem with one of our fans and we have created this web site to assist you.

This site can assist you in the assembly of your fan or help you to obtain small missing parts for your fan. Please click on the "Products" button on the left to choose the fan you purchased. Please check out the product assembly pictures or give us a call for assistans.

We apologize if you fan does not function, from this web site we can assist you with assembly directions, product assembly video and send you small missing parts. We are unable to replace any major parts from your fan like the motor or grills. You will have to return the fan to store where it was purchased.

These high quality fans are imported directly from the factory by retailers to give the lowest possible cost, best value.

Thank you for purchasing one of our fans and we hope we have been able to assist you.